Gifts and Flowers for Virgo Women

Gifts and Flowers for Virgo Women

Are you wondering what to buy for the Virgo Woman in your life? Stumped? Sun Sign Astrology supplies solutions to your gift buying problems.

Virgo: August 24th – September 23rd

Flowers for Virgo Women

Virgo women want sophisticated bouquets of flowers and appreciate simple arrangements. You can buy them most houseplants but chrysanthemums are most appreciated and all plants will be attended to. They often festoon (rather place strategically) their homes with bundles of Eucalyptus – a plant that adds value with a healthy fragrance is irresistible for Virgos. As you can see they are a difficult sign to buy flowers for so add some chocolate goodies to make sure she’s delighted. An Ivy planted up a trellis would make a good potted-plant to give a Virgo woman.

Gifts for Virgo Women

Never buy a man-made fibre anything for a Virgo woman. Even their cleaning clothes must be 100% cotton. Virgo women like navy blue and dark brown accessories and intricate, regular patterns such as dogtooth but not anything random or Paisley prints. They will always appreciate a new bag as long as it has many internal compartments. They appreciate practical gifts – the only Zodiac sign who might like a Swiss Army Knife as a stocking filler.

Expensive Gifts for Virgo Women

The Virgo woman wants presents that act as practical investments. She’d gladly accept courses in practical skills such as gardening. Buy the Virgo woman the services of a gardener to direct and watch her transform any garden or farm. A new kitchen built and designed to her exacting standards and to overcome any space and storage problems will always be warmly received.

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